What happens when you’re a professional performer during COVID-19?

Everyone is being affected by COVID in some way, including local performing artists and musicians. Suddenly, the stage is off limits, so how can you, the audience help?

Here are five ways to support local musicians:

1. Stream their music
Many local musicians have music on major streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes and Pandora. The more you play their music, the more money they will generate through streaming royalties. Make a playlist of your favorite local musicians and stream it when you’re making breakfast or when you’re driving (probably headed to the grocery store). If you don’t know where to start, just search “Local Music” in your favorite streaming app. There are playlists that already exist which can help you get going.

2. Host a watch party
A lot of artists are going “live” by way of live streaming to media outlets such as Facebook and YouTube. Make sure to tune in when your favorite artists go live and invite your friends to watch the performance with you via a digital watch party. Sites like Facebook make it easy to notify your friends and invite them to watch the livestream with you.

3. Buy merch
Artists are creatives, they know how to go beyond a T-shirt (even though everyone loves a T-Shirt). Check out their website and see what merchandise they have for sale. Do you have a record player? How about adding a new vinyl to the collection?

4. Take on a new hobby
Artists are pivoting. Some of them are taking this time to share their gift by offering digital music lessons. Set-up a zoom call, pull the old guitar, drum kit, keyboard…whatever…out of storage and give it a try!

5. Spread the word
There’s no better way to support the artists you love than by word of mouth. Like, share, comment and repost as much as you can to get the word out about your favorite local musicians. Did they just release a new song? Are they opening an online shop for the first time? Get the word out and help them build their fanbase!

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