Below is a list of a few of the most common repairs that we handle in the shop.

Neck Alignment: Adjust truss rod, hone frets into alignment, recrown and polish frets, set action at finger nut and bridge, set intonation, balance pickups, adjust keys, restring, and tune.

Complete and Partial Re-fret: Adjust truss rod, remove worn frets, level fingerboard, clean fret slots, install new frets, complete neck alignment, refinish fingerboard where applicable.

Acoustic Guitar Neck Reset: Neck reset on set neck instruments. Includes neck alignment.

Headstock and Neck Heel Repairs: Repair damages to headstock and neck heel (usually includes touch up), neck alignment.

Neck Replacement: Neck replacement may be necessary when headstock or neck heel damage is extensive and beyond repair (includes refinishing).

Acoustical Repairs: Structural repairs such as cracks, binding, bracing, bridge repair, and top, back and side repairs.

Electrical Repairs: Repair or replacement of potentiometers, switches, jacks, pick-ups, and wiring.