One of our goals here at the shop is to help promote the artists that have in the past been through our shop, or are currently relying on our repair or custom services. Many performers have been forced to cancel or postpone dates for weeks in an effort to enforce social distancing to help minimize the spread of the coronavirus. Members of the touring industry derive the majority of their income from live shows and performances. These are professions that are very hard to translate to a “work from home” environment. This means many musicians and artists will be out of reliable work for a while. We want to help promote your love of music and creativity by not only featuring you as a “Lay’s Artist” on our website, but also through our social media posts.

Check out a few of the artists below that we have had the privilege of working on their stringed instruments.

Kyle Thomas Steelism
Garrett Fry Robert Fetzer
Brian Young Wayne Avers
Ray Goren Dan Wilson