Jared of Brandonwound pickups stops by

Jared of Brandonwound pickups stopped by the shop today to visit and talk pickups. He also had a nice new batch of shirts for the guys. Jared is the tall good looking guy in the back.

You can contact Jared at 419-559-9056 or visit the Brandonwound website at http://brandonwoundpickups.com.

Brandonwound Pickups builds boutique electric guitar pickups for the tone enthusiast.

Brandonwound builds pickups to please the vintage guitar nuts and nit pickers. They build pickups as close to vintage specifications as they can to look correct and to provide the guitar player with the best tone possible. Brandonwound also repairs vintage pickups along with making custom pickups to the consumer’s specs.

Dan appears to have a tooth ache, Tom looks pretty happy about something, Todd is randomly holding a drill and tuner, Don is just thinking about lettuce and Joel has on some fancy powder blue shorts.

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