There’s so much hard-fought onstage experience within the ranks of the Robert Fetzer Band that it’s no wonder this outfit is one of the hottest aggregations currently gracing Chicago’s blues scene. Their new demo showcases what four master musicians, all permeated in uncompromising Windy City blues tradition, can do together in a recording studio. For that matter, in front of a jam-packed house in a concert venue as well.
Vocalist/guitarist Fetzer cut his musical eyeteeth behind two genuine Chicago blues legends: droll tenor saxman A.C. Reed and fiery guitarist Son Seals. Fetzer has been successfully leading his own band for more than a decade, ensuring a confident, thoroughly professional presentation in any setting. Bassist Greg Simmons lays down a seamlessly funky underpinning alongside Fetzer, just as he did when the two shared space on the proscenium when they were integral to Son’s combo.

Roosevelt “Hatter” Purifoy, Jr. has long been one of the most in-demand keyboardists in his native Chicago, providing two-fisted ivories power for Eddie King, Carlos Johnson, Jimmy Johnson, Eddie Shaw, Lurrie Bell, and many more. And Willie “The Touch” Hayes has reigned as one of the Windy City’s leading blues drummers for nearly half a century, having kept flawless time for the immortal Magic Sam, Mighty Joe Young, Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows, Junior Wells, and Seals (he was in Son’s crew during the same period as Robert and Greg).
Together as a skin-tight unit, the Robert Fetzer Band carries on the great electric Chicago blues tradition that its veteran members first embraced decades ago, at the same time expanding the boundaries of the genre to showcase each member’s own boundless strengths. Expect to hear plenty more in the near future from the Robert Fetzer Band!

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