Bela J. Gemza acoustic guitar

This is the first we’ve seen one of these….beautiful old guitar that has seen years of wear and tear. It has quite a few major cracks in the top that we are repairing. It was built in 1972 by Bela J. Gemza. Gemza made guitars in Lyndhurst, Ohio from the ’50s until his death in 1987.  Displaced from Hungary by World War II he started in the U.S. with nothing and strived to make great, original guitars and lutes of the finest materials from a workshop in the basement of his modest home. Each guitar is braced somewhat differently because he always modified his work to fit his perception of the materials. All have striking maple binding and a trademark rosewood backing “cap” behind the head stock. The slim Gemza neck is reinforced with a maple strip. Miguel Alcazar, Joseph Breznikar, Jorge Morel and Carlos Montoya have owned and played his guitars. There is a great sincerity evident in his work which must be appreciated. Gemza made a very consistent, fine instrument (about 250 total) which is underrated, very special and a profound value.

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